#14 – 16th February 2024

Bizarrely for me, a remake of a game I have absolutely no memory of it ever existing. So that’s me sorted for tonight. It’s Pippo, originally from Mastertronic in 1986. (Itch)

If you’re new to Rob lore, Scramble is the one game I’ve played more than any other. I absolutely love it. With that in mind, here’s a remake of the not-Scramble-honest but it totally is of Super Cobra, for the Speccy. (Itch)

Bugaboo, but the entire cavern is on a single screen. Can’t ever get enough of stuff like this. (Itch)

Bit of the old Pac-Man with Pac World, 6 worlds of dot snaffling, ghost avoiding, pill popping.(Itch)

Still a big fan of the original Geometry Wars look so Tanktronix Invasion is more than fine with me. Mentioned in #11 but in case you missed it. (Itch)

Matt Sephton interviews Kenta Cho. (Website)

Amidar, in Pico 8. Absolutely lovely stuff. (Website)

Not game related but I know some of you will be interested to read how to get olde style word art back in modern Word. I really want to see those bevels. (Website)

“Do you have what it takes to look at Steely Dan’s Walter Becker for one entire hour??” – it’s Look At A Picture Of Walter Becker For 1 Hour, for the gameboy. Also playable online. (Itch)

See also the wonderful Watch Ducks. (Glorious Trainwrecks)

Inspired by Folder Dungeon, Binary Battle is a filesystem styled dungeon crawler with an amazingly good look to it for the C64. (Itch)

Indie Retro News reporting someone’s working on a Knightmare game for the Speccy that, unlike the one that did come out, actually has something to do with Knightmare. Fix those ancient wrongs, folks. (IndieRetroNews)

You’re just going to have to deal with my fanboying over Cecconoid, I’m afraid. I love it. There’s an Amiga version in the offing of this fab Cybernoid meets Robotron and here’s Time Extension reporting on the upcoming physical release. (Time Extension)

Wrapping up this week with It’s Not Cold Yet. Enjoy and see you back here next week. (Itch)

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

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