#13 – February 9th, 2024

Getting things started this week with the 10Tons With Tentacles of Demon Spore. Some strategic twin stick horror action tasking you with fighting ever evolving tentacle creatures and getting out of the mess alive. Demo up on Steam at the time of writing. [Steam]

Enjoyed myself doodling the cover art for this one, it’s Minion’s remake of Moon Cresta. I’ve been playing a fair bit of the …Cresta games on and off for quite a few months now, love ’em and Min does his usual quality job at bringing the game alive via the medium of Pico8 here. [Itch]

Future Knight DX is a remake of the CPC version of one of my favourite chonky games from Gremlin’s incredibly-long-boxed Ten Great Games collection. I went through a really hefty phase of hammering the original, nice to see it get some love. [Itch]

Another Missile Command, which is nice. This time round it’s a nice vector take on the classic. And yes, as documented in #12, I am still rubbish at the game. [Itch]

Forgot to mention Toxic Tomb last week so before I forget again, have an absolute blast with the latest from the ever brilliant Locomalito. Always essential stuff. [Itch]

Another in the long line of gorgeous looking new Spectrum games that folks are putting out there, Mushroom Soup is a ten level collecting and dodging game where you assume the role of a peckish goblin on a mushroom hunt. [Itch]

A short Pico8 Atelier fan game for your consideration, Atelier Pheobe. [Website]

I’m always up for a take on Hunt The Wumpus. Coincidentally, here’s another take on Hunt The Wumpus. [Itch]

Games look so good these days, it’s just rude really. Praxis Fighter X being a prime example. Speedy Pico8 shooting with a frankly gorgeous arcade aesthetic. [Itch]

Mr And Mrs Cockitup have thankfully stayed at home for this Amiga reworking of Breakthru. Brum brum! [Itch]

My chums over at Thalamus Digital have just released Starseed, a beautiful little arcade shooter for the Gameboy Color. Properly lovely stuff, nice work everyone! [Itch]

Classic stabby maze action in this rework of the brilliant Maziacs. [Itch]

A Bitsy classic to wrap up this week. A Field Guide To The Snails Of Scull-In-The-Mud. Still wonderful. [Itch]

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

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