#12 – February 1st 2024

How much doug can a dig dug dig if a dig dug could dig doug? It’s inflation time with Dig Dug, but for the C64. (Itch)

If you prefer your Dig Dug for the C64 with a bit of randomisation, Dig Dug Revival is the above but with procedurally generated screens. Nice. (Itch)

Because I never know when to stop digging a hole, here’s a Pico-8 rendition of the semi-obscure 1982 arcade game The Pit. (Itch)

Smashtronaut is a little bit Hyper Meteor, with a nice bit of neo-arcade neon to help it along the way. Big fan of games that pretty much just ask you to smash into things. (Itch)

Super Bosconian is a remake/rework of the base battling arcade shooter for Windows. (Itch)

Grass Roots Football Manager is a work in progress 8 bit style management game, the floating head of Kevin Toms not included. (Itch)

Someone reimagined Cuphead as an LCD handheld game. I love videogames. (Itch)

A nearly complete Blue Max remake, transposing the pixelly isometric look into 3D. Open source, for your pleasure. (Itch)

Still going with the remakes (I’m still me), Missile Something is, unsurprisingly, a remake of Missile Command. True story: I am the worst at Missile Command, I’m like the anti-Tony Temple. (Itch) (Tony)

You really don’t want to know how many hours I’ve spent on Cavelon over the years but it’s a lot. Here’s a Gameboy Colour/3DS version of the chonky maze classic. (Itch)

Some really great looking olde-style gallery shooting arcade hijinks in the shape of DemonStrike. (Itch)

Haven’t had chance to try any of these yet, bunch of Godot-made remakes of some of my favourite games. Including Robotron! (Itch)

You all know about Indiepocalypse, yeah? You do now. (Itch)

This week’s Bitsy is Moon Harvest. (Itch)

See you next week!

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

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