#11 – 14th December 2023

Alone? – spend some time as a duck in this week’s moody Bitsy. A little bit silly, a little bit melancholy. (Itch)

Mothman Test. A short and sinister Twine experience. (Itch)

A remake of Clive Townsend’s Saboteur – a game I always found fulfilled a very specific VHS ninja film fantasy and revisiting it recently only strengthened that belief. (Itch)

Mr Robot remade. I’ll admit I’ve never played the original so I’m going to pencil in some time over the weekend to do just that. (Itch)

Wizardium is a top down shooter, think The Devil Rides In where you have to stay within the bounds of the circle whilst enemies come to cause a ruckus. (Itch)

Omega Space takes the premise of Omega Race and ruffles its hair up into something else. (Itch)

Elevate! Get dodging and clue wodging (I don’t care if that doesn’t work, it’s nearly Xmas, give me a break) with a remake of Spy’s Demise. (Itch)

Who Dares Wins II. Alligata’s Commando-esque (and one of many riding the action hero film boom) game gets a PC rework. Well, technically it got a remake a few years back, I wasn’t doing this digest then though. (Itch)

Tweak some numbers and get dodging with the neon-glow of System Shield. (Itch)

Another remake! Head 8n does a really nice job of softening the game up somewhat without losing the essence of what the game is. A gentler dot munch than the arcade original. (Itch)

Vector Access. I dunno, perhaps it’s my age but there’s something so right about green screen vector art. (Itch)

Joust Revival for all your flappy skewering entertainment needs. (Itch)

They keep on coming this week! Wizard Of Wor and somebody had a lot of fun with this one. (Itch)

Curse yourself up with Noraline. Some twin stick action where every five levels sees you have to choose a curse to wrestle with. (Itch)

Big And Little, a post apocalyptic cat tale. (Itch)

A familiar style to Tanktronix Invasion and there’s nothing wrong with that. Browser based twin stickery. (Itch)

Orkan. Imagine if Tempest took place within a colourful hypnocircle. Now stop imagining it and play it. (Itch)

More “stay within the circle and don’t die” stuff. Omega Llama in Bullet Surfing is a dodge ’em up that gets bonus points for the llama theme. Incidentally, last night I sat through Christmas On The Alpaca Farm and I don’t recommend you do that. (Itch)

Big Vectrex vibes from Space Infiltrator so two thumbs up right there. (Itch)

Reverseggle. “Peggle but you play as the peg board”. Videogames once more leaving no stone unturned in the “why not” department and I am always here for that. (Itch)

Unbeatable game name of the week award going straight to “I Cute So I Can Be Big Jerk“. And yes, obviously with a name like that it can only be a cat simulator. (Itch)

Right, I’m taking Christmas off so the digest will return in January. Hope the next few weeks grant you all the peace and safety you need in this hell year, huge thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you all back here soon.

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

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