#7 – 16th November 2023

I’ve only had a go on one so far but for those so inclined, there’s a Shmup Bundle on itch with some nice looking stuff in it. There’s about a week left to run and it’s $12.99 for 10 games. (Itch)

The Impossible Race is a recreation of Mattel’s (lovely chonky piece of hardware) game, Auto Race, from 1976. (Itch)

Still on a remake tip, River Raid remade. Nearly a tongue twister there. Man, I love River Raid and I’ve been idling my time with it a fair bit lately so I’m up for remakes right now. (Itch)

Egg (Itch)

Choo Choo Toy, a train themed toy the developer made for their young kid. The train follows the track, you can stop and start the train. Choochoo! (Itch)

Forget 8 bit, Tuerkas The White Cat is 8 fish. For the Speccy so crack out the emulators. (Itch)

Watching Chinny taking a look at Arctic’s World Cup and remembering some very enjoyable Thursday nights and playing it with a friend no longer with us. Never did care about a game’s reputation, never will. (YouTube)

Guns ‘n’ Ghosts ‘humbly asks the question “what if Pacman had a f*ing gun?”‘. Every videogame can be improved by adding guns – fact. (Itch)

A small poem about autumn. Autumn is the best season and I love that Bitsy enables stuff like this. Fall. (Itch)

So You’re A Squirrel is a short, sweet, twine about being a squirrel. Lovely kids book kind of stuff and it’ll only take up a moment. (Itch)

Cor. The Shadow King is a beautiful “bite-size” metroidvania. It’s out on Steam soon. (Steam)

Rogue Invaders applies some of those recent roguelike videogame dev obsessions folk have to a cute (and nice) looking gallery shooter, Space Invaders style. A work in progress at the time of writing. (Itch)

One that’s already been doing the rounds but in case you missed it, a nice remake of Bagman for the Amiga in the shape of SuperBagman500. (Itch)

Bit outside my wheelhouse this one, Kelaynak84 is a wireframe flight simulator and trading game. It looks gorgeous but I’m not a great judge of sim stuff so it’s over to you. Yes, you. (Itch)

Pixel Descent is kinda Gauntlet via Vampire Survivors. Definitely the kind of homage where you can’t avoid wearing your influences on your sleeve so you might as well lean into it. Early Access at the mo, if that makes a difference to you. (Steam)

In “gosh, how time flies” corner, hard to believe it’s coming up to 20 years since the first of Park Productions’ Robocop 2d Games. To celebrate they’ve given all three a coat of paint. Always nice to see some old remakes and fan games still floating around. (Website)

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Thanks as ever, Rob.

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

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