#6 – 9th November 2023

I’m deep in IGF judging so haven’t got round to playing the demo of Roman Sands RE:Build yet, I don’t even have the words to describe it beyond “holy crap, look at that”. It’s put together by a really strong team and I’m massively excited for it. (Steam)

Saturnalia makes a long overdue arrival on Steam this week. It’s an absolutely stonking, weird, sinister, survival horror game. One for the horror fans out there. (Steam)

Ambassador, with all this Burger Time you’re really spoiling me. This time, for the C64. (Itch)

Lovely article on Hampstead, the old Melbourne House “it’s a bit racist, bless” adventure for the Speccy. (Rosebush)

Are we still calling these Broglikes? The Waking Knot looks wild. “A psychedelic, improvisational tactics game” is rather underselling this. (Website)

Talking of psychedelic, a few folks have sent me links to Nidus, a twin sticker which is out next year. It’s got an absolutely incredible style to it. You have to see this. (Steam)

Galactic Glitch, also due next year, has some grand Pompom vibes to it. I’m still sad that the brilliant Mutant Storm Empire never saw its PC release so I’ll take this. (Steam)

One last one for next year, Minishoot Adventures is beautifully cartoony twin stick stuff and I just love how it looks, tbh. Hopefully the game is as good. (Steam)

Punch Chess. It had me at the title. This one’s for the 2600 but runs in a browser too. (Itch)

Minestorm is one of my favourite things of all time so I’m always down for a remake. This one’s called Storm Mined. (Itch)

A Gameboy Color version of Cuthbert In Space, for all your not-quite-Jetpac desires. I’m starting the campaign for a Cuthbert revival here. (Itch)

Hextype Mechapop is a *checks card* prototype for a Typing Of … Missile Command game with a techno witch theme. I love videogames. (Itch)

Spare a few minutes for Kim Justice’s quick look at the 1980 arcade game Vortex. (YouTube)

IndieRetroNews reports on a reimagining of Wizball for the Atari XL/XE, Zauberball (IndieRetroNews)

Stunt Car Racer for the Apple II. That’s got to be cheating. 48k, c’mon! Ref! Link’s in the description, btw. (YouTube)

I get very excited at the prospect of a new Pumpkin Games game, I’m still playing the crap out of Glitch Angels! Look at this so far though! Cor. (Mastodon)

Berzerk Recharged should be out by the time you’re reading this. I’m still hoping it’s turned out good, natch. (Deku)

Closing this week out with a reminder that whilst I’m having a ball putting these together each week, I do need to eat too. The digest will always be free, in full, because that’s the whole point of it but your support either on Patreon or a donation through Kofi goes a long way.

I don’t really have much else coming in right now so it really makes a difference!

I know things are super tough all round though and honestly, I’d appreciate a share of the digest on the socials a whole lot too and (this is the big one) some time taking a look at some of the smaller stuff featured on here because getting noticed is a tough gig in 2023.

Cheers – Rob

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

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