#9 – 30th November 2023

Wonderful use of PETSCII in Doomed “PETSCII” Pacman. For the PET and I just adore how much character they’ve managed to squeeze into this. (Itch)

Cuthbert’s back again! A remake of Cuthbert Enters The Tombs Of Doom for the Gameboy Colour. I knew this was the year of Cuthbert. Let’s make next year the year of Roland. (Itch)

Retromind is, wait for this, the board game Mastermind reimagined as an Impossible Mission meets Chuckie Egg platform game. That’s videogames, kids! Love ’em. (Itch)

This week’s Bitsy is The Mountain As It Always Was, a short rumination on life and loss. (Itch)

Breakwho is what if Breakout but time travel. A question I’d never stopped to ask but that’s one of the real joys of videogames, someone else surely will and try and answer it too. (Itch)

Dagger Wulf is Ultimate’s Sabre Wulf reimagined in 1k for Pico-8. As usual, playable in a browser. (Itch)

Switch owners, I noticed Tachyon Project is on sale for the next couple of weeks. It took me a few goes to get into but I ended up really enjoying its particular flavour of arcade arena shooting. (Deku)

And a reminder that the fantastic Alien Death Mob is out on Switch now too. I’ll shut up about it now but honestly, it’s so good, (Deku)

I’m incredibly fussy about my gravity shooters/Thrust-a-likes (more out of my own ineptness than any other reason) but Beyond The Scanline’s look at Lunaris for the Spectrum got me. I’ll be giving that a go at the weekend. (YouTube)

Which leads me into a handful of Pico 8 reader submissions for this week. With thanks to Min for these. (Cheers ears)

First up, Oust is a spectacular looking Thrust-a-like written for Pico 8. Look at it go! Blimey. (Itch)

Carnival is a remake of the gallery shooter arcade game from 1980, as with the original you don’t get to pick a cheap fluffy toy if you win but you can still cover yourself in candy floss by accident whilst playing if you fancy. It’s none of my business what you get up to. (Itch)

And finally, I’ve played so much Mappy this year so I’m well chuffed to be able to point you at a Pico 8 remake. I love that little mouse (little mouse!). (Itch)

Again, thanks to Min for those. I spend a lot of time browsing for games but I’m always going to miss plenty so I’m always up for suggestions.

“Save the world with gay trains in 1996” – You know I’m never going to skip over a game with a description that makes me shake the cat off my knee through laughing and here we are with a demake of City Skylines in a Gameboy-esque style. (Itch)

I don’t know about you but I find the idea of The Sentinel in nineties VR terrifying. A scary what could have been. (Time Extension)

Indieretronews report on a 1994 Bomberman clone for the C64, Penguin Tower, being found and available to play. (Indieretronews)

It’s Terror Hawk! Nobody try and invade the Earth whilst I’m trying to get a high score, I get very tetchy and it makes my wires ache. (Itch)

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

This week’s digest comes with super thanks to all our Patreon supporters but especially the overly kind BigNobody and Mithaldu. Thanks so much, folk.

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